Sunday, November 15, 2015


GreenOne is a technology company in love with nutrients. We have patents on a bio degradable paper bottle as well as the box it is carried by (no use inventing something with paper if you can’t protect it and ship it cheaply 😉).
What we’re most proud of though is our iDrink (
We created the first TRUE multivitamin water in the world - an odorless, tasteless, elite quality water (think taste profile of Fiji ) with nano nutrients that go directly into your cells, rather than just your blood stream. Our team of scientists were able to shrink down key nutrients and essential minerals to 1/1000 the size of a red blood cell without changing their molecular structure (no GMO’s here) so that this organic material can actually bypass the digestive tract and go straight to your cells where it is needed. Athletes, people on the go, and even casual alcohol drinkers are going to appreciate the benefits here. No more messing around with hard vitamins, nasty mixes, or even sublingual drops that need an alcohol structure to help it travel. Think an IV in a bottle.
We didn’t have to try and fool the public by sticking doses of nutrients that are so low that you couldn’t cure the cold of an ant and then tell you it’s a multivitamin water. This is nanotechnology in a water base solution so you won’t taste anything and we can put effective amounts of nutrients ( like b1 d3 b12 ATP Coq10 Trace mineral etc) into your beverages and all you will taste is a great water, a simple sport drink or even a beer. We like to say it’s “Hydration You Can Feel” (TM), but we’ll leave that assessment up to you. Look for a growing line of beverages with this delivery system either online or at a retailer near you

Neil Fineman